Put the fun back into your relationships!

Navigating the dating scene can be exiting, fun, and adventurous when done right. So can a relationship

whether it’s new or seasoned. Like anything worth having, it requires work, and a quality relationship is no different. We all know when life’s duties call, we must answer. The problem lies when we unintentionally give too much time and attention to the duties of life causing the relationship fun to fade. Couples need relationship work-fun balance. Relationships with a fun playhouse reduce boredom and optimize intimacy. I help women celebrate love in flirty-fun ways to give their relationship amazing love stories, unforgettable memories, and amorous adventure.


About Marie

Marie Robinson is a dedicated dating and relationship coach with a passion for helping individuals and couples build strong, healthy connections. With over a decade of experience in the field, Marie combines her deep understanding of relationship dynamics with a compassionate, client-centered approach.

Marie has successfully guided clients through relationship challenges, helping them to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and foster deeper intimacy. Marie’s coaching approach is rooted in empathy, active listening, and evidence-based techniques. She believes that every relationship has the potential to thrive with the right support and guidance. Her unique methodology integrates elements of positive psychology, mindfulness, and practical strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

Services offered by Marie include individual coaching sessions, group mentorships, and interactive workshops. She works with clients on a variety of issues, including dating, marriage, conflict resolution, and personal growth within relationships.

Outside of her professional life, Marie enjoys traveling, practicing yoga and spending quality time with her family. Her own journey through the ups and downs of relationships has given her a profound empathy and insight that she brings to her coaching practice.

Ready to transform your relationship? Contact Marie today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards a happier, healthier love experience.

Work with Me

In my Flirty Fun Group Coaching program, you will explore the key elements of love required for a healthy relationship. I coach you on how to cultivate heartfelt communications. I also share secrets to keep it spicy. What’s included:

No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love is an exploratory journey designed to discover the purpose of love. This class teaches how to embrace and lavish love energy needed for a quality relationship.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a set of communicative classes designed to create an emotional connection and memorable moments.


Pleasures is a series of signature classes that teach the art of seduction and the expression of feminine sensuality that no man could ever resist.

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